Love Letters Paper Co. Custom Wedding Invitation Design Studio
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Love Letters Paper co. is a design studio in Philadelphia, PA specializing in well-crafted, bespoke invitations and stationery. We create invitations to weddings, baby showers, and corporate events.

Our process



Let’s talk it out

First, we will get together in-person, on the phone, or on a video call. We’ll talk at a high level about your event, the date, the style and your budget. If you have ideas or examples, you can send over a Pinterest board. It’s great to get a sense of what you like and—just as importantly—what you don’t like.




Let’s get creative

We’ll design 2-3 options together. We’ll figure out wording, if you need a monogram, the best ways to get RSVPs and any other inserts with the event details you may need. Some people love to have a map with locations of festivities, other people don’t need one. Once you choose a design direction, we will go through up to three rounds of revisions together to get your invitation just right. Pricing for additional revisions can be provided on request, but are often not needed.

We can begin designing your invitations once your 50% deposit has cleared. Payments are accepted through PayPal, Venmo or personal check. The balance must be paid before invitations are shipped to you.




The final proofs

After we’ve gone through all of the design work, it’s time to send everything off to the printer. You’ll see final output PDFs that you’ll approve before anything goes to press.
You’ll have to double check the following things: Spelling of names + places, addresses of venues, the date and time, directions, meal choices and so on. Once it goes to the printer, no changes can be made to the content.




We ship it to you

Once your invitations come in from the printer, everything gets packed and shipped directly to you. One invitation will come fully assembled so you can see how it should all fit together in the envelope. The only thing left to do is pack and mail your invitations.



Sound good?

Get in touch to get started.